About AHT Cooling Systems

Rottenmann, Austria has been a place of manufacture since the year 1442. With almost 600 years of demand-oriented & market-driven innovation, Rottenmann served as the foundation for AHT Cooling Systems to thrive and become a global enterprise for over 30 years.

AHT Cooling Systems provides custom refrigerated and frozen merchandising solutions to major Supermarkets and Convenience Retailers, National Food Manufacturers, and Food Distribution Companies. While their US headquarters is located in the historic seaport city of Charleston, South Carolina, AHT Cooling Systems operates multiple locations worldwide spanning across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

With plans in building more locations throughout the United States, AHT Cooling Systems has partnered with Projectmates Construction Program Management Software to help manage its commercial and retail construction projects. Projectmates provides a collaborative online platform to facilitate communication between owners, architects, and contractors. With over 40 built-in modules, Projectmates aids AHT Cooling Systems with the cloud-based construction management tools necessary to shorten project duration, reduce costs, minimize data entry, and keep projects on schedule and under budget.

About Projectmates

Projectmates is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online construction project management software available today, providing an easy-to-use, web-based interface for efficient management of your project from design through completion. Projectmates offers many key features, including a centralized document manager, bidding system, integration with external financial software, contract manager, scheduling, construction management app, and more. In addition, the software provides intuitive routing and tracking tools allowing project executives to focus on the project and not the paper.

Projectmates' role-based security ensures that users have appropriate rights to each module, as well as providing customized ball-in-courts and calendars for each user. Projectmates' software facilitates collaboration as well as accountability amongst the entire project delivery team and reduces the amount of rework and redundancy that occurs today. And since the solution utilizes native web browser technology on laptops, tablets and mobile devices, project members have access anytime anywhere. Just as every project manager's objective is to deliver on time and under budget, Projectmates is the solution to get you there.

See for yourself why Projectmates' online construction management software suite is the standard by which all others are measured — no other software for construction integrates more features in such an easy to use format. Get in the game — Get Projectmates.

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